This city of hours

Early afternoon tattoos,

Late morning drinking

Early morning drinking too

This city is ours


Walk down George’s street?

Nah, we stumble, waffle, and fall

Riding high on this city 

Cause You taught me this

Dublin is a Ride


I’ve spent countless nights

At the bottom of countless drinks

With you beside me, or across

From me with laughter near constant 

Hell, even when it’s not, it’s worth it


This is my ode to us

My friend, my partner,

There’s been bumps, sure.

But I’d rather all the bumps in the world 

Then a smooth ride without you


You’ll never know how much

I love you and I, us.

But I’ll show you.

I’ll be there when being there is needed

Cause I’m here, till the end 

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