put it in a poem

I want to put you in a poem

Codify you in verse or rhyme

I want to scribble old words 

That capture all the hurts 


Lines of trains, and carriages.

I get the same carriage everyday

Same one you seem to get

Hoping to see you, scared to


Dating is shite, I’m sure you know

But I have all the apps, 

Hope you slide across,

But you won’t, that would mean harm


And I don’t want you to, 

you’ve done enough 

So, be happy. Love as you.

Free and proud, be tough


Tougher than I was—will be

I didn’t make a decision

To cut you out, I let it happen,

Too craven to finish


Fade quietly, if not quickly

and those few months 

relapsing into old habits

harming myself more


I want you in a poem

Trapped in an image or

Metaphor, unreal but enough

For me to hide from the literal

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