Elle Dee Aar.

We only exist to each other

Late at night in the LED light 

When our fingers caress words

Where we share button touches


These fingers slide in and out of sync 

But warmth blossoms in this hand

From the thing that keeps our link

Across an immeasurable expanse


I keep looking through our window

the early morning messages stop

When our words slow to silence

You just don’t see all I have to say


Stroking keys, a message being written

And rewritten and rewritten and deleted

I pray you notice me, and imagine 

The conversation that could be had


the gentle touch across your face

On the slick, sleek, bright glass

That separates me from you

And silence grows ever louder


I wish I could ignore this portal

Akin to an abyss, I stare and yet

There is nothing to stare back

In the dark morning black

5 thoughts on “Elle Dee Aar.

  1. Wow…this poem is so expressive and lovely!! I think that you deserve more followers than 30 😉

    BTW, if you have time, please visit my blog and if you like my posts, please follow my blog. I will #FollowforFollow 🙂


      1. Glen, please visit my blog and if you like my posts, please do follow my blog 🙂


  2. Why do I jump to Light Dependent Resistor before Long Distance Relationship? Not sure. But this is lovely.


    1. Friggin’ neeeerd … I’m kidding. I appreciate your kind words.


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