The only dreams that last

Are the ones with my exes

No matter who I’m with,

It’s always one of them

We’re fucking or fighting

Or falling in love again

It’s trees, poetry, or fire

It’s time rewinding

And I wake up in love again

And I’m happy with her again

And my heart breaks again

And I’ve lost her again.

I wish it meant something

But it’s just ghosts in my head

It’s that evil prick depression

Coming back to cut me

It’s ten years, two, or two again

Meeting, falling, failing, forgotten

In a half remembered memory

Put together in restless sleep

As if to say, remember her,

Don’t forget all of her

Just enough for it to torture

When I wake up still in love

With a girl, no, a woman,

Remember it was five years ago

And you’re in love with your dreams

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